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About Pennyfeather

I was born with a deep-seated and at times uncontrollable urge to acquire all of the old chairs I found with a view to what they could become. Spurned on by a lack of space to store them and my family’s increasing concern at my apparent addiction, I combined this love of old furniture with a new found attraction to vintage fabrics and thus, Pennyfeather was born.

To put it simply, I collect quality homeless furniture from around New Zealand and recover and restore them using beautiful vintage fabrics from around the world.

Most of the fabrics I find are from the US and the UK and many are remnants that are only available in sizes large enough for one piece of furniture, it gives me great pleasure to give them a new home. It also means that every Pennyfeather piece is completely unique


Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find longer lengths of fabrics. So if you see a sold piece in a fabric you love then please contact me as I may have some more fabric lurking about just waiting the perfect chair and the perfect new home or there may be just enough to make you some stunning new cushions.

Alternatively, if we’re out of what you like then I’ll do my best to source something that you‘ll love.